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 3rd Wele Youth Camp - "Financial Freedom"  7/28/23 to 7/30/23 at Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center, 2665 Placid View Dr.,  Lake Placid, FL  

Working Together for a Better Highway Park 

Working to enhance, and preserve, the Highway Park Community through various initiatives including  economic revitalization, poverty mitigation programs, environmental  (Great American Cleanups, restoration of historic buildings, tree planting, educational programs), Wele Youth Leadership Program (9th - 12th grades county -wide), Veterans (US Hwy 27 S Veterans Memorial),  food distribution support, Senior Citizens projects, health fairs & projects, arts & cultural programs, Humanities programs from FL Humanities,  Hicoria Pines Homes, Guidewell Innovations winners 2021, USDA 502 Certified Packagers (Low to very low-income 1st time homebuyers program for all of Highlands County), Village Green Community Resource Center (computer training & job support), Teaching & Demonstration Garden planned for Fall 2022 & Spring 2023, One Step For Life Health programs (MLK JR. Sports Field improvements for health & exercise). Initiatives are sponsored in part by AARP, Florida Blue Foundation, FDOT Keep Our Paradise Litter Free, Lake Placid Noon Rotary, ADuda, Alice Consulting Services, Whole Kids, Mason G. Smoak Foundation, Zephrine Augustine & Murphy USA, Janice & Eugene Allen, FL Forestry, and Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Humanities Council, Ross & Annette Hendricks, Lowe's (Keep America Beautiful) and other fine sponsors. 





Our Mission

To enhance and preserve the community through arts, culture, multiple healthy living initiatives, educational programs, children, senior citizen, veterans' programs, economic development, community restoration and advocacy.  

This is accomplished through beautification/rehabilitation projects, arts, cultural and humanities programs, exhibits, festivals, food distribution support, community teaching garden, health programs, education programs related to health, economic programs (including job development, training, computer access, etc.), and affordable housing support (to provide economic empowerment in marginalized communities in Highlands County). 

Our Values

Our guiding principles are commitment, reliability, dependability, honesty, integrity, passion for our work, compassion for our community, fair play and sincerity. 

We believe 

  • Partnerships are our best work
  • We are stewards of our community
  • Diverse experiences, cultures and backgrounds strengthen each of us  

DEI Statement

HPNC is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values. We recognize diversity as a way to leverage our differences, and we involve and reflect the communities we serve.

Equity is not equality. We align our policies, practices, and resources so that people of all races, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses have genuine opportunities to thrive.

Inclusion: We create an environment in which everyone feels valued and respected.

We approach our work on diversity, equity, and inclusion with courage and optimism—knowing it requires a sustained commitment


To provide pathways to wealth, health, and opportunity

USDA 502  



Learn About Building Homes, Building Dreams!

An Initiative with Hicoria Pines Homes

About Us 

Highway Park Neighborhood Council is a 501c3 Community Services agency. We provide free community support programs (children, senior citizens, and veterans) such as Wele Youth Leadership Program, Village Green Community 

Resource Center with free computer access/training, workshops, humanities and arts & cultural programs, health initiatives and neighborhood development projects (US Hwy 27 S Veterans Memorial, Village Green Resource Center, Village Green Community Teaching & Demonstration Garden, historic cemetery renovations (listed with the National Park Service "List of Registered Historic Places", MLK Jr. Sports Field) for the Highway Park community of Lake Placid, Florida.  Housing program is for Highlands and Hardee Counties, FL. To learn more about our nonprofit organization, contact us today!

Community Support Programs at Village Green Resource Center - 106 Washington Street, Lake Placid, FL

  • Business Development Workshops

  • Employment Support

  • Free Internet Use and Training
  • Resume Writing
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Help completing forms (Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, etc.)
  • Community Teaching Garden (Coming Fall 2021)
  • And More!

Committed to the Betterment of the Highway Park Community

Get to know the people in charge of The Highway Park Neighborhood Council by clicking the link below

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Community Development Projects

  • Humanities Projects (Annually )
  • Village Green Community Teaching & Demonstration Garden
  • Certified Packager with USDA (home ownership support program)
  • Arts Program (Dare to Dream
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Litter Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Public Parks and Green Spaces
  • Public Building and Space Rehabilitation
  • Great American Cleanups
  • Senior Programs
  • Veterans Programs
  • Wele Youth Leadership Programs
  • Health Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Food Distribution 
  • And More!

Wele Youth Leadership

Wele Talks Workshop on Leadership


Debates current events

Self Esteem workshop

Young Ladies Group

Young men's workshop

Role Modeling Discussion

Outdoor fun & activities

Annual Health Fairs

Our Project’s Through the Years

Check out this page to revisit or learn about some of the community development projects The Highway Park Neighborhood Council has done in Lake Placid, Florida over the years.

Read More

Our Mission

Our award-winning agency works to revitalize the Highway Park Community through initiatives such as advocacy, community rehabilitation, arts and culture, humanities and historic preservation (physical, traditional, cultural), healthy living initiatives, educational programs, economic development, affordable housing education programs (financial literacy, home ownership pros/cons, rent vs own, etc.) and community advocacy. In partnership with HP Homes, as USDA 502 Certified Packagers, we strive to help low to very low-income families on the path to homeownership throughout Highlands County. 

Learn More About Us